Norton Speedlok Blaze R980

Norton Speed-lok Blaze R980

Norton Speed-lok Blaze R980 Ceramic disc

Patened, new generation ceramic SG grain
Self-lubricating, advanced supersize treatment
Improved resin system
Heaviest fibre backing

Significant cut ratee and life over competitive blended/low-ratio ceramic alumina disc.
Reduced heat, loading and glazing on stainless, tianium and super alloy
Improved grain retention for longer life & aggression

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Code Description Diameter Grit Price Quantity
16-2238A Q/R Ceramic Disc 50mm P36 Norton Blaze R980 (Pkt50) 50mm P36
£44.12 (exc VAT)
Save £14.71 (List £58.83)
16-2238B Q/R Ceramic Disc 50mm P50 Norton Blaze R980 (Pkt50) 50mm P50
£44.12 (exc VAT)
Save £14.71 (List £58.83)
16-2238C Q/R Ceramic Disc 50mm P60 Norton Blaze R980 (Pkt50) 50mm P60
£44.12 (exc VAT)
Save £14.71 (List £58.83)
16-2238D Q/R Ceramic Disc 50mm P80 Norton Blaze R980 (Pkt50) 50mm P80
£44.12 (exc VAT)
Save £14.71 (List £58.83)
16-2238E Q/R Ceramic Disc 50mm P100 Norton Blaze R980 (Pkt25) 50mm P100
£22.07 (exc VAT)
Save £7.35 (List £29.42)