Sia 4819 Siaron Blue Zirconia Fibre Disc

Sia 4819 siaron 8 - the specialist abrasive for unalloyed steels and non-ferrous metals

Specially designed for applications involving steel and non-ferrous metals, 4819 siaron 8 fibre discs achieve, among other things, high stock removal rates and have a long life.


High removal rate
Long lifetime

Removal of rust
Weld preparation
Removing discolouration
Sanding down
Surface treatment
Smoothing and blending of flaws

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Code Description Diameter Grit Price Quantity
31-2231A Sia 4819 Fibre Disc 115mm P36 Blue Zirconia (Box 50) 115mm P36
£36.74 (exc VAT)
Save £44.90 (List £81.64)
31-2231D Sia 4819 Fibre Disc 115mm P60 Blue Zirconia (Box 25) 115mm P60
£32.70 (exc VAT)
Save £39.97 (List £72.67)
31-2231E Sia 4819 Fibre Disc 115mm P80 Blue Zirconia (Box 25) 115mm P80
£32.70 (exc VAT)
Save £39.97 (List £72.67)
31-2231G Sia 4819 Fibre Disc 115mm P120 Blue Zirconia (Box 50) 115mm P120
£30.81 (exc VAT)
Save £37.65 (List £68.46)

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