Wire Wheels

A crimped steel circular wire brush designed to be mounted on a bench grinder.

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Code Description Price Quantity
18-1200 Wire Wheel 150 x 23x 13mm Bore LES345162
£22.97 (exc VAT)
Save £5.74 (List £28.71)
18-1208 Wire Wheel 200 x 25x 16mm Bore LES365172
£29.22 (exc VAT)
Save £7.30 (List £36.52)
18-1215 Faithful 150mm Wire Wheel FAIWBWW150
£12.32 (exc VAT)
Save £3.08 (List £15.40)
18-1215A Faithful 200mm Wire Wheel FAIWBWW200
£18.80 (exc VAT)
Save £4.70 (List £23.50)