Guhring 6478 RF100 Sharp Carbide Coated Ratio End Mill

Guhring 6478 RF100 Sharp Carbide Coated Ratio End Mill

Our sharpest milling cutter especially for effective machining of soft and tough materials under all machine conditions

The machining of soft, tough and highly alloyed materials possess particular challenges for the tool, the wrong choice of tool can result in sticking chips and chip jams. In the worst-case scenario, the tool could break.

You no longer have to worry about this with our new solid carbide RF 100 Sharp milling cutter:
with a rake angle of 12°, it is our sharpest milling cutter and ensures a soft, smooth cut on all soft and tough materials with a tensile strength of 300 – 900 N/mm² and high ductility. The combination of carbide developed in-house and an AlCrN coating enables high-performance machining, not only under stable machining conditions.

The RF 100 Sharp can also handle unstable machines and clamping positions effortlessly. Thanks to adapted micro and macro geometry, the tool can achieve long tool lives despite the high demands placed on it.


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Code Description Diameter Flute Length Overall Length Price Quantity
02-8370A Guhring RF 100 Sharp 6478 1.0mm Carbide Coated End Mill 1.0mm 3.0mm 50.0mm
£26.95 (exc VAT)
02-8370B Guhring RF 100 Sharp 6478 1.5mm Carbide Coated End Mill 1.5mm 4.5mm 50.0mm
£26.95 (exc VAT)
02-8370C Guhring RF 100 Sharp 6478 2.0mm Carbide Coated End Mill 2.0mm 6.0mm 50.0mm
£28.47 (exc VAT)
02-8370D Guhring RF 100 Sharp 6478 2.5mm Carbide Coated End Mill 2.5mm 7.5mm 50.0mm
£26.76 (exc VAT)