Sia 4570 Siabite X

Sia 4570 Siabite X
Simply the coolest grinding with new X-Technology

Consistent Cutting Performance
X-Technology allows the grain structure to fracture more easily, maintaining a sharp cut throughout the disc lifetime.

Fine Surface Finish
Specially selected grains with fine crystalline structures deliver fine finishes without compromising on cutting aggression

Longer Lifetime
X-Technology leaves more space between the grain which maximizes the total working life of the grain and therefore the disc.

Cool grinding
X-Technology applies the cooling aid directly on the grain surface which makes it more active during the grinding process and helps to displace heat build up quicker.

Thanks to innovative X-Technology, the 4570 siabite fibre disc brings you considerably cooler grinding with a long service life and a consistent cutting performance on stainless steel and mild steel. With new and unique X-Technology, an active cooling aid is applied directly to the top level, which enhances cooling and minimises discolouration.




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Code Description Diameter Grit Price Quantity
31-2233A Sia 4570 Fibre Disc 115mm P36 Ceramic (Box 50) 115mm P36
£71.47 (exc VAT)
Save £71.47 (List £142.94)
31-2233C Sia 4570 Fibre Disc 115mm P60 Ceramic (Box 50) 115mm P60
£61.37 (exc VAT)
Save £61.37 (List £122.74)
31-2233D Sia 4570 Fibre Disc 115mm P80 Ceramic (Box 50) 115mm P80
£58.74 (exc VAT)
Save £58.74 (List £117.48)
31-2233F Sia 4570 Fibre Disc 115mm P120 Ceramic (Box 50) 115mm P120
£58.74 (exc VAT)
Save £58.74 (List £117.48)