3M Roloc Fibre Disc 782C - Carbon Steel

-Cuts carbon steel rapidly
-Premium mineral excels at heavy weight applications
-3M Precision Shaped Grain yields higher cut rates
-Reduce costs with long lasting abrasive - completes more parts than conventional discs
-Durable and tear resistant
-3M™ Roloc™ attachment locks disc securely into place, no tools required

3M™ Roloc™ Fibre Disc 782C is a fibre disc featuring our advanced abrasive technology, 3M Precision Shaped Grain. These discs have a stiff fibre backing and strong resin bond that provide durability and tear-resistance.

Use for heavy weight applications such as weld grinding, bevelling, and edge chamfering

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Code Description Diameter Grade MOQ Price Quantity
16-1850H 3M 89666 Roloc Disc 75mm P36+ 782C (Steel)(Box50) 75mm P36+ 4
£58.50 (exc VAT)
Save £19.50 (List £78.00)
16-1850I 3M 89671 Roloc Disc 75mm P60+ 782C (Steel)(Box50) 75mm P60+ 4
£60.75 (exc VAT)
Save £20.25 (List £81.00)
16-1850J 3M 89666 Roloc Disc 75mm P80+ 782C (Steel)(Box50) 75mm P80+ 4
£58.50 (exc VAT)
Save £19.50 (List £78.00)
16-1851H 3M 89665 Roloc Disc 50mm P36+ 782C (Steel)(Box50) 50mm P36+ 4
£43.13 (exc VAT)
Save £14.37 (List £57.50)
16-1851I 3M 89670 Roloc Disc 50mm P60+ 782C (Steel)(Box50) 50mm P60+ 4
£41.25 (exc VAT)
Save £13.75 (List £55.00)
16-1851J 3M 89675 Roloc Disc 50mm P80+ 782C (Steel)(Box50) 50mm P80+ 4
£43.13 (exc VAT)
Save £14.37 (List £57.50)