Sia 4700 Siaral Silicon Carbide Fibre Disc

The Sia 4700 silicon carbide fibre discs of the special 4700 siaral 8 series ensure high stock removal rates in coarse to fine sanding applications and are ideal for a variety of applications involving hard to grind metals as well as stone.

Advantages of Sia 4700

High removal rate
Firm fibre backing
Wide range of grits available for coarse to fine grinding

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Code Description Diameter Grit Price Quantity
31-2235B Sia 4700 Fibre Disc 115mm P36 Silicon Carbide (Box 50) 115mm P36
£38.02 (exc VAT)
Save £46.46 (List £84.48)
31-2235D Sia 4700 Fibre Disc 115mm P60 Silicon Carbide (Box 50) 115mm P60
£32.70 (exc VAT)
Save £39.96 (List £72.66)