Aluminium Oxide Wheels

MS Aluminium Oxide wheels

Aluminium oxide cloth, X Flex weight.

Main features and benefits:
Excellent combination of user friendliness and durability. The cloth used ensures a perfect balance of flexibility and strength. The abrasive tool is efficiently driven by means of a unique 4-split-pin system.

Recommended applications:
Finishing large flat, concave or convex surfaces; grinding the inner and outer surfaces of tanks and containers. Removing and cleaning weld beads.

Work surfaces:
Stainless steel, standard steel, alloyed steel, aluminium, titanium, nonferrous materials and alloys, plastic, plastic reinforced by fibre glass, marble, stone.

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Code Description Grit MOQ Price Quantity
31-1038K Bibielle 100 x 100 Al Ox P40 (For Satin Finish M/C) RF0611 P40 4
£46.43 (exc VAT)
Save £15.48 (List £61.91)
31-1038M Bibielle 100 x 100 Al Ox P60 (For Satin Finish M/C) RF0613 P60 4
£47.81 (exc VAT)
Save £15.94 (List £63.75)
31-1038N Bibielle 100 x 100 Al Ox P80 (For Satin Finish M/C) RF0614 P80 4
£50.75 (exc VAT)
Save £16.91 (List £67.66)
31-1038P Bibielle 100 x 100 Al Ox P120 (For Satin Finish M/C) RF0616 P120 4
£50.75 (exc VAT)
Save £16.91 (List £67.66)
31-1038R Bibielle 100 x 100 Al Ox P180 (For Satin Finish M/C) RF0618 P180 4
£55.40 (exc VAT)
Save £18.47 (List £73.87)
31-1038T Bibielle 100 x 100 Al Ox P240 (For Satin Finish M/C) RF0620 P240 4
£62.97 (exc VAT)
Save £20.99 (List £83.96)
31-1038V Bibielle 100 x 100 Al Ox P320 (For Satin Finish M/C) RF0622 P320 4
£62.97 (exc VAT)
Save £20.99 (List £83.96)