Guhring RF100 Diver End Mills 06736

Guhring RF 100 Diver carbide 4 flute end mill.
Signum coating
DIN 6527

Suitable for:

Plunge angle up to 45 degrees
Very good chip removal

Very good drilling characteristics to 2xD
Ideal pre-drilling tool for reamers
No seperate pilot tool necessary

High feed rate for plunging and slotting
High metal removal rate and undersize diameter for precision slots
High process reliability with smooth operation

Thanks to low power consumption also suitable on less rigid machines
Up to 100% increased cutting speed in steel
High Metal removal rate

Contours with high surface quality
Up to 100% increased tool life
High cutting parameters also in alloyed heat-treatable steels

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Code Description Diameter Flute Length Overall Length Price Quantity
02-8360 Guhring 6mm RF100 Diver End Mill 06736 6mm 13mm 57mm
£33.97 (exc VAT)
02-8361 Guhring 8mm RF100 Diver End Mill 06736 8mm 19mm 63mm
£46.04 (exc VAT)
02-8362 Guhring 10mm RF100 Diver End Mill 06736 10mm 22mm 72mm
£68.68 (exc VAT)
02-8363 Guhring 12mm RF100 Diver End Mill 06736 12mm 26mm 83mm
£88.33 (exc VAT)
02-8364 Guhring 14mm RF100 Diver End Mill 06736 14mm 26mm 83mm
£113.44 (exc VAT)
02-8365 Guhring 16mm RF100 Diver End Mill 06736 16mm 32mm 92mm
£152.50 (exc VAT)
02-8366 Guhring 20mm RF100 Diver End Mill 06736 20mm 38mm 104mm
£231.02 (exc VAT)