Dormer B901 HSS-E Straight Shank Machine Reamers

Dormer B901 HSS-E Machine Reamers

Dormer B901 HSS-E straight shank machine reamer for opening and finishing existing holes to H7 tolerance. Suitable for most ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Available in metric sizes 1.50mm to 12.0mm in 0.5mm increments and impirial sizes 1/16" to 1/2". We show the most popular sizes but if you dont see the size you need than please call our sales team.

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Code Description Diameter Flute Length Overall Length Price Quantity
01-0534 Dormer B901 HSS 2.0mm S/S Machine Reamer 2mm 25mm 50mm
£34.87 (exc VAT)
Save £28.53 (List £63.40)
01-0536 Dormer B901 HSS 3.0mm S/S Machine Reamer 3mm 31mm 62mm
£27.01 (exc VAT)
Save £22.09 (List £49.10)
01-0538 Dormer B901 HSS 4.0mm S/S Machine Reamer 4mm 38mm 76mm
£21.09 (exc VAT)
Save £17.26 (List £38.35)
01-0539 Dormer B901 HSS 4.5mm S/S Machine Reamer 4.5mm 41mm 81mm
£28.60 (exc VAT)
Save £23.40 (List £52.00)
01-0540 Dormer B901 HSS 5.0mm S/S Machine Reamer 5mm 44mm 87mm
£22.33 (exc VAT)
Save £18.27 (List £40.60)
01-0542 Dormer B901 HSS 6.0mm S/S Machine Reamer 6mm 47mm 93mm
£26.35 (exc VAT)
Save £21.55 (List £47.90)
01-0543 Dormer B901 HSS 7.0mm S/S Machine Reamer 7mm 54mm 107mm
£29.26 (exc VAT)
Save £23.94 (List £53.20)
01-0544 Dormer B901 HSS 8.0mm S/S Machine Reamer 8mm 58mm 115mm
£29.54 (exc VAT)
Save £24.16 (List £53.70)
01-0546 Dormer B901 HSS 10.0mm S/S Machine Reamer 10mm 66mm 133mm
£32.17 (exc VAT)
Save £26.33 (List £58.50)
01-0547 Dormer B901 HSS 11.0mm S/S Machine Reamer 11mm 71mm 142mm
£45.10 (exc VAT)
Save £36.90 (List £82.00)
01-0548 Dormer B901 HSS 12.0mm S/S Machine Reamer 12mm 76mm 152mm
£37.57 (exc VAT)
Save £30.73 (List £68.30)