Dormer A002 HSS Jobber Drill Bits

Dormer A002 HSS Jobber Drill Bits For Metal
The Dormer A002 drill bit features a self-centring split-point for excellent positional accuracy and hole quality, TiN tip coating for extended tool life & increased performance (2.0mm and above) and will drill up to 4x diameter in steel, stainless, cast iron, plastics and many other materials with ease. Dormer A002 drill bits conform to DIN 388, have a right hand spiral and a point angle of 118°. The A002 drill is available in 1.00mm to 16.0mm diameter.

Features & Benefits of Dormer A002 Jobber Drills
Coating - Titanium nitride (TiN) resists flank and crater wear and has low friction, promoting increased cutting speeds.
Web Design - Optimised strength and rigidity, easy to feed.
Point Design - Efficient cutting action, reduced axial force, accurate centering

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Code Description Diameter Flute Length Overall Length Price Quantity
00-1065 Dormer A002 HSS 1.00mm Jobber Drill Bits 1mm 12mm 34mm
£1.26 (exc VAT)
Save £2.11 (List £3.37)
00-1067 Dormer A002 HSS 1.10mm Jobber Drill Bits 1.1mm 14mm 36mm
£1.32 (exc VAT)
Save £2.19 (List £3.51)
00-1003 Dormer A002 HSS 3/64" Jobber Drill Bits 3/64" 16mm 34mm
£1.32 (exc VAT)
Save £2.19 (List £3.51)
00-1069 Dormer A002 HSS 1.20mm Jobber Drill Bits 1.2mm 16mm 38mm
£1.32 (exc VAT)
Save £2.19 (List £3.51)