Dormer A900 PFX HSS-E Deep Hole Drills

Dormer A900 PFX HSS-E Deep Hole Drills

Dormer pramet A900 deep hole drills are to DIN ANSI standard, they are Bright Finished and have a point andgle of 130°.

Deep hole drilling without the need for pecking up to 10 x D - reduced cycle time.
High levels of productivity across a wide range of materials.
Efficient chip evacuation, assisted by parabolic flute geometry and Smooth-Flow coating, results in continuous production process.
Exceptional tool life, in particular on the Smooth-Flow coated ranges.
Consistent hole size and hole quality.
Low thrust force means reduced power requirements

For single pass drilling to 6xD

Available in bright finish (A900) or with Alcrona-top coating (A901) for extended tool life

A900 Size range: 1.0-20.0mm, 3/64-25/32 Inch

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Code Description Diameter Flute Length Overall Length Price Quantity
00-4300 Dormer A900 1.0mm PFX Deep Hole Drill Bits 1.0mm 12mm 34mm
£5.72 (exc VAT)
Save £5.28 (List £11.00)
00-4300A Dormer A900 2.0mm PFX Deep Hole Drill 2mm 24mm 49mm
£4.08 (exc VAT)
Save £3.77 (List £7.85)
00-4300B Dormer A900 3.0mm PFX Deep Hole Drill 3mm 33mm 61mm
£4.61 (exc VAT)
Save £4.26 (List £8.87)
00-4300C Dormer A900 4.0mm PFX Deep Hole Drill 4mm 43mm 75mm
£5.98 (exc VAT)
Save £5.52 (List £11.50)
00-4300D Dormer A900 5.0mm PFX Deep Hole Drill 5mm 52mm 86mm
£7.46 (exc VAT)
Save £6.89 (List £14.35)
00-4300E Dormer A900 6.0mm PFX Deep Hole Drill 6mm 57mm 93mm
£9.65 (exc VAT)
Save £8.90 (List £18.55)
00-4300F Dormer A900 7.0mm PFX Deep Hole Drill 7mm 69mm 109mm
£13.78 (exc VAT)
Save £12.72 (List £26.50)
00-4300G Dormer A900 8.0mm PFX Deep Hole Drill 8mm 75mm 117mm
£16.17 (exc VAT)
Save £14.93 (List £31.10)
00-4300H Dormer A900 9.0mm PFX Deep Hole Drill 9m 81mm 125mm
£21.35 (exc VAT)
Save £19.70 (List £41.05)
00-4300I Dormer A900 10.0mm PFX Deep Hole Drill 10mm 87mm 133mm
£25.38 (exc VAT)
Save £23.42 (List £48.80)
00-4300J Dormer A900 11.0mm PFX Deep Hole Drill 11mm 94mm 142mm
£37.65 (exc VAT)
Save £34.75 (List £72.40)
00-4300K Dormer A900 12.0mm PFX Deep Hole Drill 12mm 101mm 151mm
£43.73 (exc VAT)
Save £40.37 (List £84.10)
00-4300L Dormer A900 13.0mm PFX Deep Hole Drill 13mm 101mm 151mm
£51.95 (exc VAT)
Save £47.95 (List £99.90)