Dormer Hydra Drill Heads R960 Stainless Steel Grade

Dormer Hydra a high performance replaceable head drill system – provides a cost-effective large diameter drilling alternative to solid carbide drills.

The R960 is ideal for stainless steel and cast iron, but is also recommended for use in titanium and nickel and have a self-centering 140-degree four-facet split point. This feature ensures low thrust forces throughout the drilling cycle, promoting consistent performance.

Benefits of Hydraare the heads can be quickly and easily changed without removing the body from the spindle, thus reducing machine downtime. The high speed steel construction of the bodies ensures an extremely cost-effective solution. Coolant holes inthe drill bodies are aligned perfectly with the replacable heads for efficient delivery of coolant directly to the cutting edge. This not only disperses the heat generated during the hole making process when using high speeds and feeds, but also ensures smooth chip evacuation and long tool life.

Each head is available with a range of drill bodies to support drilling depths to 3xDiameter (H853), 5xDiameter (H855) and 8xDiameter (H858). One body can accommodate multiple head sizes with no compromise on structural integrity.

Availiable in 12.0 to 30.50mm.

We list the more popular sizes however if you cannot see the size you require please contact our sales team.

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Code Description Diameter Required Body Diameter Price Quantity
00-8628D Dormer R960 16.20mm Hydra Drill Head M Stainless Grade 16.2mm 16mm
£66.95 (exc VAT)
Save £36.05 (List £103.00)
00-8629 Dormer R960 19.25mm Hydra Drill Head M Stainless Grade 19.25mm 19mm
£73.45 (exc VAT)
Save £39.55 (List £113.00)
00-8629A Dormer R960 19.50mm Hydra Drill Head M Stainless Grade 19.5mm 19mm
£73.45 (exc VAT)
Save £39.55 (List £113.00)
00-8631 Dormer R960 19.70mm Hydra Drill Head M Stainless Grade 19.7mm 20mm
£76.70 (exc VAT)
Save £41.30 (List £118.00)
00-8633 Dormer R960 22.00mm Hydra Drill Head M Stainless Grade 22mm 22mm
£83.85 (exc VAT)
Save £45.15 (List £129.00)
00-8634 Dormer R960 23.00mm Hydra Drill Head M Stainless Grade 23mm 25mm
£83.85 (exc VAT)
Save £45.15 (List £129.00)
00-8635 Dormer R960 25.65mm Hydra Drill Head M Stainless Grade 25.65 25mm
£95.55 (exc VAT)
Save £51.45 (List £147.00)
00-8635G Dormer R960 28.00mm Hydra Drill Head M Stainless Grade 28mm 28mm
£100.75 (exc VAT)
Save £54.25 (List £155.00)