Dormer E542 HSS BA ISO 529 Hand Taps

The Dormer E542 HSS BA threaded hand tap ISO 529 is for through or blind holes. Available in taper, second and plug, sizes BA10" to BA0".

We list the more popular sizes however if you can't see the size you require please contact our sales team.

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Code Description Thread Pitch Price Quantity
03-1840B HSS 10BA 2nd Tap E542 10BA 0.35mm
£39.20 (exc VAT)
Save £39.20 (List £78.40)
03-1842B HSS 8BA 2nd Tap E542 8BA 0.43mm
£18.30 (exc VAT)
Save £18.30 (List £36.60)
03-1850B HSS 6BA 2nd Tap E542 6BA 0.53mm
£10.07 (exc VAT)
Save £10.08 (List £20.15)
03-1852B HSS 5BA 2nd Tap E542 5BA 0.59mm
£14.25 (exc VAT)
Save £14.25 (List £28.50)
03-1855B HSS 4BA 2nd Tap E542 4BA 0.66mm
£9.18 (exc VAT)
Save £9.17 (List £18.35)
03-1858B HSS 3BA 2nd Tap E542 3BA 0.73mm
£18.68 (exc VAT)
Save £18.67 (List £37.35)
03-1862 HSS 2BA 2nd Tap E542 2BA 0.81mm
£8.98 (exc VAT)
Save £8.97 (List £17.95)
03-1867B HSS 0BA 2nd Tap E542 0BA 1.00mm
£38.56 (exc VAT)