Dormer Pramet Shoulder Milling & LNGX Inserts Deal

Dormer Pramet Shoulder Milling & LNGX Inserts Deal

- A universal 90° cutter designed for multi-purpose operations including face milling, shoulder milling and slotting
- The positive axial geometry on the universal 90° cutter produces lower cutting forces and smoother machining in steel, cast iron, stainless steel and non-ferrous materials
- ECON LN has internal cooling directed to the cutting edges, providing efficient cooling and chip-evacuation resulting in an excellent surface finish
- A highly cost-effective, versatile milling option, utilising double sided inserts which have 4 usable cutting edges

S90LN12-C Holder
10x LNGX120508ER-M:M8340 or 10x LNGX120508SR-MM:M8340

-M: Medium Steel, Stainless Steel & Cast
-MM:Medium Stainless & Super Alloy

-M8340 - Excellent for machining Steel, Stainless Steel and Super Alloys, Good for Cast Iron


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