Dormer Pramet STN10 Shoulder Cutter 90º Cylindrical DIN1835A

Dormer Pramet STN10 Shoulder Cutter 90 Cylindrical DIN1835A

Introducing a versatile new range of tools for 90° shoulder milling. Featuring 6 cutting edges, the TNGX inserts promote low machining cost. Cutters with high number of teeth, even for small diameters, can increase productivity.


  • Double-sided inserts
  • 6 cutting edges
  • 3 positive geometeries for steel, stainless steel, cast iron and alloys
  • Depth of cut up to 5mm
  • Wide range of cutters, including small diameters from 18mm up to 80mm - offering high-performance tools with up to 10 teeth.
  • End mills produced from heat-treated tool steel ensuring high operational reliability


  • Cost savings - more cutting edges
  • Higher productivity - high number of teeth
  • Process security - reduced cutting force and quiet running
  • Versatile - wide range of tools suitable for a variety of machined materials and applications, including: shoulder and slot milling, face milling, helical interpoltion, ramping and progressive plunging. 

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Code Description D L d Pockets Price Quantity
04-0700 Pramet 18A2R050A20-STN10-C Shoulder Cutter 90º 18mm 180mm 20mm 2
£231.00 (exc VAT)
04-0700A Pramet 20A3R029A20-STN10-C Shoulder Cutter 90º 20mm 150mm 20mm 3
£251.00 (exc VAT)
04-0700E Pramet 25A3R034A25-STN10-C Shoulder Cutter 90º 25mm 170mm 25mm 3
£262.00 (exc VAT)
04-0700F Pramet 25A4R034A25-STN10-C Shoulder Cutter 90º 25mm 170mm 25mm 4
£274.00 (exc VAT)
04-0700H Pramet 32A4R037A32-STN10-C Shoulder Cutter 90º 32mm 195mm 32mm 4
£301.00 (exc VAT)
04-0700I Pramet 32A5R037A32-STN10-C Shoulder Cutter 90º 32mm 195mm 32mm 5
£307.00 (exc VAT)
04-0700J Pramet 35A5R080A32-STN10-C Shoulder Cutter 90º 35mm 200mm 32mm 5
£316.00 (exc VAT)