Dormer A777 HSCO Cobalt Heavy Duty Jobber Drill Bits

Dormer A777 HSCO Cobalt Heavy Duty Jobber Drill Bits.
Dormer A777 Cobalt drill bits have a bronze coating, are to DIN 338 standard, have a right hand spiral and a point angle of 135°. The A777 Cobalt drills are for drilling higher tensile, tougher materials where greater heat is generated during machining, ideal for use in CNC & automated machines. Ground flutes and optimised helix for more efficient chip flow. Available in 0.3-16.0mm, 1/16-1/2 Inch, Also available in stub length (A117).

Drill bit sets of the A777 are avaiable:



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Code Description Diameter Flute Length Overall Length MOQ Price Quantity
00-1800 Dormer A777 1.00mm Cobalt Jobber Drill Bits 1.0mm 12mm 34mm 1
£3.63 (exc VAT)
Save £4.63 (List £8.26)
00-1802 Dormer A777 1.20mm Cobalt Jobber Drill 1.2mm 14mm 36mm 10
£3.80 (exc VAT)
Save £4.83 (List £8.63)
00-1803 Dormer A777 1.30mm Cobalt Jobber Drill 1.3mm 16mm 38mm 10
£3.63 (exc VAT)
Save £4.63 (List £8.26)
00-1804 Dormer A777 1.40mm Cobalt Jobber Drill 1.4mm 18mm 40mm