Dormer E600 HSS Course Pitch ISO 2283 Long Shank Taps

The Dormer E600 HSS-E powder metallurgy course pitch long shank hand tap ISO2283  is for through or blind holes. Available in taper, second and plug, sizes 3mm to 30mm.

We list the more popular sizes however if you cannot see the size you require please contact our sales team.

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Code Description Thread Pitch Overall Length Price Quantity
03-1168 HSS 4.0 X 0.7 L/S Second Tap E600 M4 0.7mm 73mm
£21.42 (exc VAT)
Save £23.68 (List £45.10)
03-1174 HSS 5.0 X 0.8 L/S Second Tap E600 M5 0.8mm 79mm
£22.61 (exc VAT)
Save £24.99 (List £47.60)
03-1180 HSS 6.0 X 1.0 L/S Second Tap E600 M6 1.0mm 89mm
£22.75 (exc VAT)
Save £25.15 (List £47.90)
03-1186 HSS 8.0 X 1.25 L/S Second Tap E600 M8 1.25mm 97mm
£25.98 (exc VAT)
Save £28.72 (List £54.70)
03-1192 HSS 10.0 X 1.5 L/S Second Tap E600 M10 1.5mm 108mm
£31.59 (exc VAT)
Save £34.91 (List £66.50)
03-1198 HSS 12.0 X 1.75 L/S Second Tap E600 M12 1.75mm 119mm
£40.38 (exc VAT)
Save £44.62 (List £85.00)