Dormer Pramet Metric & Unified Threading Kits

For the production of external and internal metric threads in most materials
Tool holders for both conventional and partial profile inserts
Left hand holders and inserts also available
Suitable for a wide range of materials

Whats Included

1x SER Holder
TN 16ER100M:T8030 (X1) TN 16ER125M:T8030 (X1) TN 16ER150M:T8030 (X1) TN 16ER175M:T8030 (X1) TN 16ER200M:T8030 (X1) TN 16ER200UN:T8030 (X1) TN 16ER180UN:T8030 (X1) TN 16ER160UN:T8030 (X1) TN 16ER140UN:T8030 (X1) TN 16ER130UN:T8030 (X1) inserts.
1x SIR Holder
TN 16NR100M:T8030 (X1) TN 16NR125M:T8030 (X1) TN 16NR150M:T8030 (X1) TN 16NR175M:T8030 (X1) TN 16NR200M:T8030 (X1) TN 16NR200UN:T8030 (X1) TN 16NR180UN:T8030 (X1) TN 16NR160UN:T8030 (X1) TN 16NR140UN:T8030 (X1) TN 16NR130UN:T8030 (X1) inserts.

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Code Description Price Quantity
04-0979 Pramet Threading Kit External Holder 2020 & 10x Tips
£129.99 (exc VAT)
04-0979A Pramet Threading Kit External Holder 2525 & 10x Inserts
£129.99 (exc VAT)
04-0979B Pramet Threading Kit Internal Holder 1416 & 10x Inserts
£140.99 (exc VAT)
04-0979C Pramet Threading Kit Internal Holder 1820 & 10x Inserts
£147.99 (exc VAT)