630mm x 1900mm Hermes BW110 Wide Belt

Hermes BW110 Wide Belt
Stable and flexible abrasive paper

Product Benefits
Antistatic and semi-open structure reduces the risk of loading
Good stock removal rate even at low sanding pressure
Stable and flexible E-weight paper backing
Good sanding pattern
Economical sanding of all types of wood

Especially suitable for sanding all types of veneer and open and closed-pore hardwoods (solid wood)
Ideal for sanding different materials without changing the abrasive belt

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Code Description Grit Price Quantity
31-2173 Linisher Belt 630 x 1900 P60 BW110 Hermes Pk10 P60
£175.10 (exc VAT)
31-2174 Linisher Belt 630 x 1900 P80 BW110 Hermes Pk10 P80
£170.14 (exc VAT)
31-2175 Linisher Belt 630 x 1900 P120 BW110 Hermes Pk10 P120
£170.48 (exc VAT)
31-2177 Linisher Belt 630 x 1900 P180 BW110 Hermes Pk10 P180
£170.48 (exc VAT)
31-2179 Linisher Belt 630 x 1900 P240 BW110 Hermes Pk10 P240
£170.48 (exc VAT)